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The Green Awards is an unmissable opportunity to have your work reviewed by an expert judging panel of distinguished figures involved in the green sector; to get recognition from your peers; benchmark against your competitors; and attract new customers, clients, and top talent to your organisation. But don't just take our word for it...​​

“Getting involved with the Green Awards really gets us out there in front of those that we actually do want our brand to be in font of. This is our third year of sponsoring the awards, and I suppose our core business over the last three or four years has been in the pharmaceutical industry, so sponsoring a pharmaceutical award seems like the perfect fit.”
Martin Keogh, Business Development Manager, Sirus

“It’s been a great night tonight. We’ve seen large multi-nationals here, Energia consultants, professional services, all target clients of ours, so it’s really the type of audience that we are looking to mix with. You can’t really get in front of people face to face, if you can meet people through a connection like an event like this, it’s worth its weight in gold.”
John Keohane, CEO, Verde LED


“An awards night like this is brilliant, it brings the industry together from all the different areas from energy, sustainability, food, tourism. It really brings everyone together to mingle and really cross-pollinate ideas they might have between the industries. It’s unbelievable how beneficial it is to everybody.”
James O’Hara, Galway Wind Park
Green Business of the Year & The Green Construction Award winners in 2018.



“Bring your business cards, it’s all about meeting people and sharing news, especially when you win an award because everyone wants to talk to you, so its brilliant!

If you come across any other awards night like this, let us know, we’ll enter it, but this is the one. This is the big night of the year!”
Roger Warburton, The Rediscovery Centre
Green NGO of the Year winner in 2017.



“We had to bring our construction team and our design team together to bring this project to fruition. It was a hard sell, it was hard work and it’s great to see the recognition given to them as much as to ourselves tonight.

I would say if anybody is out there doing good work, this is a good platform to launch your project, your product and to get the recognition it deserves.”
Helen McNamara, Dublin City Council
The Green Construction Award winner in 2017.



“This award for us will open doors, engage the conversations. When people answer the phone to us and when we mention the Green Awards, they listen.”
Michael Doherty, Rebox Recycling
Green Entrepreneur of the Year winner in 2017.

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