Renée Andersson

Renée Andersson

Honorary Doctor Ethics, Environment, Economy, Lund University, Sweden

Renée Andersson

Renee has been working with Childrens Rights at Save the Children in Sweden, Yemen, Ethiopia and Bangladesh for 15 Years.

For three years, she was working in India, China and Bangladesh, as the project leader for H&M, Lindex, KappAhl, Indiska, The Clean Clothes Campaign and the four biggest unions in Sweden, in order to find a system for social audits at the four companies’ suppliers in above countries.

For one year, she was the Project Leader for Amnesty Business Group in Sweden.

For 15 years, she worked for the retailer Indiska making social audits at their suppliers in India, China and Turkey, suppliers of garment, home textile, leather, furniture, brass, glass, ceramics and fashion jewellery.

Trained in India, she made environmental audits at second and third tiers of the main suppliers, with focus on water issues and pollution of water. She gathered 35 Swedish Garment and Leather retailers in Sweden and Stockholm International Water Institute, in order to find a system on how to work and promote water issues in their production countries. She was also one of the founders of Sustainable Water Resources in India and carried out a successful water project in three states in India.

Consultant in sustainability issues at company Svenskt Tenn, Sweden.