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Joe Harford

Joe Harford

Managing Director, Joe Harford & Associates

Joe Harford

Joe Harford is a post graduate of Technology University Dublin and a fellow of the Irish Academy of Engineering, he held various technical and managerial positions with Bristol Myers Squibb, general manager of Newport Pharmaceuticals Ireland and president and chief executive of Astellas Ireland.

He was president of the pharmaceutical representative body (prior to the formation of BioPharmaChem Ireland), a member of the national executive of IBEC and chair of its energy committee.

He served as chairman and president of the Economic Social Research Institute, chaired the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering in Ireland, the National Institute of Bioprocessing and Technology, the governance committee of the Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre at UL, and Fingal Enterprise Board. He is chairman of various committees of the Irish Academy of Engineering.

The Government appointed him to lead the High Level Groups on Manufacturing and Green Enterprise and also the Technologies Futures Group. He is currently a member of the Public Sector Reform Oversight Group (PSROG) for local authorities.

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